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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 4, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>>pam: >>catherine: in oakland, police have beefed up patrols in a neighborhood where a five year-old boy was murdered last week. we asked residents if they have seen a difference. >> not really. >> people protect themselves. the >>catherine: crab for coverage shows you the progress police have and have not made in finding the
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killers. announcer: live, this is the kron4 news at 8:00 p.m.. >>catherine: a 90 year old man is recovering after being sought in the face. kay thompson is live at marin general with more. did bandaged. he is bruised and swollen. he cannot hear out of one of his ears but he is alive. he was able to get off three shots by outsmarting his attacker and shot his attacker three times. the attacker was able to shoot the man once. the attacker then left the scene. he called 911 to get help. i spoke with his sister who said it is amazing that he is alive.
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>> he has been talking to me. he has been telling me all about everything. he says, i told you i was tough. we heard a crash, the robert came in, he jimmied open the door, he had a gun and told him, we are going to take you out. he talked the robert to allow him to go into the bathroom. that is where he had a loaded pistol. he came out shooting. the policeman said, he must have taken game. >> the attacker was caught
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by police. he is 30 years old. police say that he has residences in a bottle and petaluma. he is now in custody and will be charged with burglary and attempted murder. >>catherine: in oakland, community outrage after the murder of a five year-old boy. five days later, a lot of people say there is still a lack of police presence. >>haaziq: to patrol cars came driving by at top speed past the intersection of international boulevard and 57 of 45 year-old gabriel martina's was shot to death last friday. no oakland police cars were visible in the area. that is something the boy's father is speaking out about. some in this east
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oakland community say they have not seen any additional cops here. >> not really. things have not really changed, violence is still happening. i do not think there will be a change. >> people pretty much protect themselves. >>haaziq: i came to the oakland police department to see what they have to say, the public information officer declined to comment on camera. she insists that they have beefed up their presence in the areas around the gabriel martina's shooting. >>catherine: the death of gabriel martinez is one of
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three recent shootings in oakland involving children getting killed. >> people are losing their lives on the city streets every single day. enough with the speeches. enough talking about enough is enough. it means to stop today. >>catherine: our team coverage continues with j.r stone. he has an update on the investigations and arrests. >> 3 year-old carlos now, hiram lawrence and five year-old gabriel martinez, 3 oakland kids killed within five months on oakland streets. all three cases are separate but when it comes to catching suspected shooters, oakland police are 1-3. in the case of carlos novel, two men have been arrested. as for suspects
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and a hiram lawrence and gabriel martinez case, there are none. police previously announced that they questioned persons of interest in the case. at this point, none have been linked to the crime. there are only vague descriptions of the suspects. >> i spoke with the mayor's office about the plan to fight crime in this city's most dangerous 100 blocks. all three children in that story were killed and the most dangerous 100 blocks. part of that plan is already in place. you might ask yourself, what is next?
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there will be more programs to target guns and getting illegal guns off of the street. next week we might have additional details as to what other parts of the plan could soon go into place. >>catherine: in san jose, four men have been arrested for being in possession of pornographic images of children. >>dan: these four men were arrested on wednesday for possession of child porn. one was also arrested for distribution. >> we focus on people who have child porn, pre pubescent children. children that a 3-5 having sex with
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adults. once you figure out who those people are, we go after them. >> similar sweeps have been made in sonoma, monterey and oakland. >> we go on the internet, just like anyone else would, using a modified version of the same software and we essentially asked them for child pornography and they deliver it to us via the internet. once we get that download, we can get a search warrant. >> is convicted they must register as sex offenders and face time in jail. >> these people do not know we are coming. we do not want them to know we are coming. >> the task force says these swedes in specific cities will now become routine with a handful of arrests each week.
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>> one of the suspect was arrested for possession and distribution of child pornography. today, was built with neighbors in the willow glenn neighborhood. >> it is very concerning. we have two small children. being in the neighborhood and having something like that so close to home, it is a very eerie and a little unsettling. >> i thought that was a safe neighborhood. i never thought we had anyone involved in that type of problem in the neighborhood. it concerns me and i hope they take the steps necessary to take care of the problem. >> anyone with information on any of the suspects should call immediately. >>jaqueline: here's a look at current conditions. temperatures are quite mild. it is going to stay
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warmer overnight. we will have details on that in your weekend ahead coming up. >> san francisco police engage in a standoff on telegraph hill. coming up by will explain how it all started. >>catherine: banana sam is a backstage at the san francisco's google why the reward is not being handed out just yet. jeff >> it has been dry and warm in the sierra. i will show you what it is like. >>catherine: kron4 goes to an expert who explains why these are dropping like flies.
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>>catherine: the police standoff involving a burglary suspect on telegraph hill has been scaled back after nearly 24 hours. the east side of the cliff was held off for the
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night. it is considered too risky for police to go and after the man because of the steep terrain. maureen kelly explains what led up to the standoff. >>maureen: it started at 5:30 p.m. on tuesday night at this apartment building on kearny st. located on the edge of telegraph hill. >> a woman was home, she heard a noise coming from another apartment-sheet news should not be occupied, she notified the manager, the manager came into the apartment and he saw someone who was not supposed to be in the apartment going out of the sliding glass doors. >> officers met up with demand where he jumped this railing and went over the fence a disappearing down the steep side. the pact was too dangerous for officers to follow.
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>>jaqueline: are we going to see this warm weather into tomorrow? i'll have that answer coming up.
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>>catherine: a sixth place finish in the state where she was born in turn to be a knockout blow for michelle bachman. >> i have decided to step aside. >>catherine: rick perry dropped out of sight, but not out of their race. he sent a message on twitter saying, the next state, the tall metal state, here we come. >> i am excited. i feel a sense of energy. >> as for the other candidates, mitt romney couldn't an endorsement from the man who beat him. john mccain joked about his 8 vote victory in the iowa caucuses. >> rick santorum seemed
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energized by a strong second place finish. >> we are going to new hampshire can't take them on. >> the next two candidates are not to up their rhetoric calling newt gingrich a chicken hawk. >> when new gingrich was called to service during the vietnam era, guess what he thought about danger? he chickened out. he got a deferment and did not go. >>catherine: new gingrich is calling mitt romney a liar. >> a poll taken before last night's final caucus showed santorum was just 5 percent of the new hampshire vote and afterwards that jumped to 10% while the other candidates stayed pretty much the same.
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>>kimberlee: barack obama joined in stick ramp. so far the account has boasted three photos and gained more than 20,000 followers. the first photo posted online was a behind-the-scenes shot of a president during a televised address to iowa voters. if you want to follow the president, search for a user name. this is an exclusive out that launched in 2010 and has become exceedingly popular. the user base of 13 million in its first 13 months. political coverage on its service has been picking up ahead of the election.
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>>catherine: almost by accident, a deadly parasite was found that makes honeybees' act like
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zombies. >> this is one of those things that happened by accident. >> several months ago, he found dead bees on the ground underneath a life outside of its office building. he discovered the insects were infected by a tiny parasitic flight normally associated with bumblebees and lost. >> the brown objects are the qb. >> once infected, the adult be tax strangely, almost as on the like. they fly away from their colonies and eventually died. south costs they have a sound of the fly in the colonies across the the area and are just not examining samples from other states. >> we have gotten positive hits from south dakota and bakersfield. we know that it is not just san francisco and to the bay area. >> the professor is skeptical on whether or not
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this is the culprit responsible for chili be colonies worldwide. >> traffic is a complex web of things. >> he also says that at this point they do not know how the pair's side is spreading or how to stop it. >> we do not have a treatment at the moment. >>gary: coming up later in the broadcast, the warriors are trying to do something they have not done in 13 years. vern glenn and i will argue about interlocking and peyton manning. that is coming up later in the broadcast. call
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>>catherine: a man walking his dog claims to find panetta's him, it will work as an offer but no one has seen the money. police say any time there is a reward, it is not a good idea to just hand over the cash. >> you make sure that you explore all the avenues and ask the appropriate questions. in this particular case, they're waiting for us to conduct our interview and make sure that we do a thorough report before they hand over the reward. >>catherine: the monkey is in good shape following his adventure but he is nonetheless being kept in isolation as a precaution. >> a custody and is charged with molesting two boys into the action the school district is taking.
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>>catherine: a botched burglary in green date. 890 year-old man came face-to- face with a 30 year-old burglar after initially being held at gunpoint furious the elderly man and got his gun and exchanged gunfire. both men were shot and in stable condition. >>catherine: child pornography arrests in san jose, there are four men in custody suspected of this as in pornographic images of
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children. police say they had nothing to do with the creation of the pornography, only it's this session. a burglary suspect remains hidden on telegraph hill in the san francisco. the standoff began after a home burglary was reported just before 5:30 p.m.. the man is fighting on the cliffside under thick shrubbery. they're just letting him out. parents are concerned that a school custodian arrested last month and charged with molesting two boys, in one case the deputy d.a. says the victim was molested beginning in may and walnut creek in santa clara serious says alejandra cerball tells us what is next. >>alejandra: the arraignment for the man accused of molesting two boys is scheduled for thursday here in a martina's court room. john answer is still in jail on $2 million bail. he
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worked as a substitute custodian at several schools. after learning about his arrests, parents and tell me they are nervous. the mt. diablo school district officials sent out a newsletter to all parents. a plan on holding a meeting to address concerns at a later date. rowland said he had worked in the district for several years. he was fingerprinted and had a clean background check. >> nothing impacts us more than one a trusted adult takes advantage of a child. we had no knowledge of anything of that nature. >>alejandra: the deputy d.a. would not comment on the relationship between the victims or any other victims came forward. >>catherine: a man has been accused of improper medical practices. carlos bluesman
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act as a dermatologist and touched her in a corporate law. she said that he also used a gel that was inherited. he is also accused in connection with a liposuction and acne treatment. police say there might be more victims. the man accused of raping a woman and tried to sexual assault to others will stand trial. he faces eight charges including rape and attempted rape. all three incidents happened during the summer of 2010. he turned himself in and has pleaded not guilty. if convicted, he could face 25 years-life. police say someone burglarized and vandalize the hayward day labor center. staffers say someone still computers, tools and other equipment. jeff pierce spoke with the organizers and is asking for help.
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>> i think it was a crime of opportunity. there were just looking to steal things to sell. >> they are trying to put pieces of the center back together after was robbed and vandalized in the early hours of new year's day. >> when we came here, all of our computers are gone. we have a health program, we have some of the supplies that are missing. this is one of the couches that was vandalized. everything in here, they cleaned out. we're missing a lot of power tools. some of the gardening equipment is missing. >> they are coming to try and fix that deceit, but right now we do not think it
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is working. >> he is hoping that those who helped in the past will come forward once again. >> the community knows the work that we do. we are looking for support from the community to get back to where we ran at, at least. >>catherine: this sketch has just been released in the oakland hills kidnapping case. police say this man tried to kidnap a nine year- old boy on december 26th. the boy had been playing outside when the boy-just when he walked up to the boy tried to lure him away with candy. the suspect in monday night's debate. murder is now in the county jail. he turned himself in last night after detectives identified him as a suspect. the victim
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was found dead after being shot in the stomach. >> and we saw a little bit of cloud cover come in, it continues to stream in overhead. as we move into the morning hours, temperatures will be kept mild face to the cloud cover. low forties to most of the bay area. temperatures will be cooler than what we saw out there today. los 60s throughout the bay area into the afternoon. as you head out the door tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 40's. into the afternoon, temperatures are still mild. cooler than what we saw today. los 60s for the bay stores. 65 in mountain view, 64 in san jose, 60s in the north bay. we will take a look at the extended forecast coming up.
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>>catherine: it has been a dry winter in the bay area and in the sierra. just bush shows us what conditions are like and how they are affecting business. jeff >> is a ghost town in top of your plenty of hotel rooms, but no one is visiting. it is a bad year to sell eight snowmobile. ski rental shops are about customers. the racks are felicities, snowboards and beads. some resorts are making their own snow, but conditions are not ideal furious this is the sugar bowl parking lot. as you can see, no one is here. the slopes at most places are completely dry. this ski resort is so dry that a truck can drive along the run with no problem. what little snow there is is actually ice. everywhere
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else, nothing but mud and dry grass. >>catherine: a pilot has been arrested on suspicion of a flying truck. it happened yesterday at the chp officers spotted a plane only 50 ft. above highway 37 in sonoma county. they follow the airplane to the petaluma airport. the pilot was arrested after feeling a sobriety test. >> here we go. watch out. >>catherine: after 32 years, sheriff michael hennessey fulfilled a promise he made when he was first elected back in 1979, he christened it the wrecking ball that began tearing down the on- just the old county jail. it happened in-dash it opened
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in 1934. that is when a federal judge ruled that conditions violated business constitutional rights. this year as last day in office is sunday. that is when his successor will be sworn in. >> the transportation agency of san francisco wants to fulfill a goal discussed a long time ago. they're hoping to entice more people to leave their cars at home in instead take the public transportation, ride a bike, what is for work. they need more support from the city and other transit agencies to make a plan become a reality. as coming up at 11:00 p.m., will also utah officials plan to bridge that goal. if clueless late on friday in the city staff will be a different experience once these changes have been implemented.
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>>catherine: in california, to state lawmakers are in trouble. one was caught trying to bring a loaded handgun ammunition onto an airplane at the airport and ontario. he said he forgot that it was in his carry- on. he was cited and released. possession of a loaded firearm is a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum sentence of one year in jail and $1,000 fine. it bay area lawmaker will be in court on friday. she made her first appearance in the legislature today since being arrested on suspicion of shoplifting. she has pleaded not guilty to stealing clothing from neiman-marcus. she says she was distracted by a phone
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call and it did not mean to walk out with the clothing. >>kimberlee: a california ballot initiative could change the way school districts count the number of students attend class by allowing online attendance as a part of the numbers. according to the secretary of state's office, the initiative authorizes school districts, county offices and charter schools to claim average daily attendance funding for state of the dissipation and approved online courses. basically, this allows schools to get money for those students to attend an online course. this next video could help schools and students. students would be able to take of my class is in any district. the initiative cites a study out of ucla that says nearly 40 percent of students in california go to schools that do not offer enough required courses for state university
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admissions. the initiative needs a little over 504,000 signatures to make it onto the ballot. there is a june 1st deadline. >>catherine: can be demanding and enter look coexist? bad news for warriors fans as injuries struck again. gary radnich has sports coming up next.
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>>stanley: pay attention to the vehicle making a left- hand turn, the driver just ran a red light. there have been so many pedestrian collisions at this intersection. this city has not installed this brand new red light camera system that would target specific violators. this intersection has three separate light configurations. there is a walk signal, a light system and traffic lights. in a few
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hours i watched numerous drivers run the light and ignore the red arrow. the driver is in a notes turn lane, waiting to turn. many drivers also run the light from that lanes. there have been more than two dozen accidents at this intersection involving illegal left-hand turns. the camera will begin issuing tickets by the end of january at a cost of close to $500 per violation. >>catherine: if you have a comment or story idea, e- mail < kron4. >>jaqueline: high temperatures, all warmer than what we saw yesterday. upper 60s in a number of places. temperatures are up several degrees, especially for the bay shore is where
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we saw fog and sunshine. a look at storm tracker 4 radar, we are starting to see cloud cover streaming into the area. that will mean slightly warmer conditions overnight. partly cloudy skies tonight. a few areas of fog. degreasing cloud cover into the afternoon. into the weekend, more sunshine is expected. temperatures warming to 63 by sunday. the possibility of rain into next weekend. we will keep you posted. >>gary: of the warriors had
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a street to break this evening. they got one in san antonio. since 1997, 14 years. they were up to a great start. monterey ellis had 38 points. mark jackson's team just could not finish. next up, kobe bryant and the lakers. there are too many bowl games. >>catherine: i agree.
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>>gary: west virginia and clubs and? clemson right now is leading 63-26 in the fourth quarter. >>gary: the dodgers are expected to sell for around
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1 million. >>gary: he is owed about $16 million. the cubs want to get rid of him so bad they are going to fit a majority of that. he will pitch next year for the florida marlins. >>gary: of vern glenn and i
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are going to argue about pain manning and andrew last and whether or not they can coexist. he is still on the clock and ready to rumble. that is coming up next.
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>>gary: of vern glenn and i debated this at 6:00 p.m.. indianapolis will have the
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number 1 thick. they have to select angeles from stanford. the man is already there. if healthy, you cannot have both of them on the same team. for >> yes, you can. history is on my side. have you heard of steve young? >>gary: if you think he liked that. vern glenn but he did not have to like each other to get along. you are professionals. that is your air apparent and that is it. steve young got a super bowl ring. i will leave and go back to an older demographic. john brodie, it always works. >>gary: in those days there
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was not a salary cap, so you could stockpile. now, let's say you give luck 4 million and you have to pay manning 20 million, that will take away from week and spent on other players. you cannot stockpile in this day and dates. the plus, its financing manning, i do not want this guy looking over my shoulder. >>vern: it is called progress. it is going to happen. have you seen the television contract? >>gary: hate may be a pretty strong word, did montana does like steve young? you do not want someone trying to take your job. >>vern: it happens. joe
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montana had his revenge, he went to the cheese and they ended up beating steve young when they went ahead to said. aha syktyvkar
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